5 Reasons Why Trading Cousins Makes Perfect Sense for the Kings

5. ZERO Winning Seasons with Boogie as Your Franchise Player

There is something to be said about the lack of franchise success the Kings have had since they drafted Cousins in 2010. Of course, much of that blame should be geared towards their front office and their moves, but don’t give Cousins a pass just yet.

24 wins, 22 wins, 28 wins, 28 wins, 29 wins, 33 wins and 24 wins this season. Sometimes it’s just time to move into a different direction.

And that’s okay.

You tried to make it work for more than a handful of seasons. You weren’t able to build around the guy, and never even made the playoffs.

Point is: this trade was more of a divorce than anything. It was about getting out of an unhealthy relationship.



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