5 Reasons Why Trading Cousins Makes Perfect Sense for the Kings

4. Many Coaches and Teammates Disliked Him

I know that sounds bad, but it’s the truth. Former coaches and teammates have rarely had good things to say about their experience coaching/playing with Boogie. Heck, even CURRENT people in the organization often questioned Cousins as their “leader” moving forward.

Why would you build your team around a player who isn’t liked? No matter how good he is, it just doesn’t make sense…

George Karl, former Kings coach: “I never felt I got into a good place with Cuz”

Grant Napear, TV voice of the Kings: “Trading DMC was an absolute no brainer! There has been a dark cloud over this franchise for years! That cloud is now gone! Personally I would of traded him for nothing but I’m not the GM.”

Pretty harsh words from people who have had an up-close relationship with Cousins.

When the Kings had SOME talent around Cousins, he struggled to mesh with them. A perfect example is that between Boogie and Isaiah. They had ego issues, Cousins refused to defer to Isaiah at times, so the Kings had to move Thomas. Imagine a team with Boogie and Isaiah had they gotten along. I probably would not be writing this post right now.



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