Top 10 International Players in NBA History

Top 10 International Players in NBA History | The NBA is becoming a worldwide sport, and it's thanks to these 10 players.

 8. Vlade Divac (16.0 PPG, 10.4 RPG in 1994/95)

The Serbian big man Vlade Divac was an unbelievable player. Vlade was part of the Showtime Lakers near the end of Magic’s career. Unfortunately, for Lakers fans especially, he’s mostly known for being the guy they traded to get Kobe Bryant. But that shouldn’t hurt Vlade’s legacy. He was revolutionary. A seven footer who could dribble, pass and shoot. Think Karl-Anthony Towns but less scoring ability but better passing ability and footwork.

His prime was spent on some very good Sacramento Kings team with another player from this list (Peja Stojakovic) and even made the All-Star once in a tough Western conference. When you think international pioneer of the NBA game, Vlade Divac is one of the first names that come to mind.



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