Top 10 International Players in NBA History

Top 10 International Players in NBA History | The NBA is becoming a worldwide sport, and it's thanks to these 10 players.

6. Yao Ming (25.0 PPG, 9.4 RPG in 2006/07)

The 7’6″ man out of China is the best Asian player in NBA history. Many think that without the injuries, we would be talking about Yao as a top 10 big man of all-time. Phsyically, Yao was a freak, but what was freakier was his soft shooting touch. When you see guys like DeAndre Jordan struggling to shoot free throws, and then see Yao Ming shooting 85% from the charity stripe as a 7’6″ player, it just goes to show how talented Yao was.

He was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame after a successful career where he was an 8-time All-Star and 5-time All-NBA team member. We could have easily had Yao in the top 3 of this list had injuries not ended his career prematurely.



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