Top 10 NBA Draft Busts Who Were Worse Than Kwame Brown

Top 10 NBA Draft Busts Who Were Worse Than Kwame Brown | There were definitely bigger busts than Kwame
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 6. Robert Traylor (#6 pick in 1998)

13Some people know Robert Traylor for being fat. However, few people know that the Mavericks drafted Traylor, then traded him on draft day in exchange for non other than Dirk Nowitzki. It wasn’t just the draft day trade that makes him a draft bust, it’s also his bad career numbers. He played in the NBA for 7 seasons and averaged 4.8 PPG and 3.7 RPG.

Players drafted after him:

Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Pierce, Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams and Cuttino Mobley.

As previously mentioned Robert Traylor struggled with his weight his entire career. Sadly, he suffered a deadly heart attack in 2011. May he rest in peace.

Why he is a bigger bust than Kwame Brown: Because Traylor was traded for Dirk on draft day and had worse stats than Kwame Brown.



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