Top 10 NBA Draft Busts Who Were Worse Than Kwame Brown

Top 10 NBA Draft Busts Who Were Worse Than Kwame Brown | There were definitely bigger busts than Kwame
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4. Chris Washburn (#3 pick in 1986)

1washburnLet’s go back in time a little bit. 1986, the year I was born, the year of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, the Challenger disaster and the year Chris Washburn was the 3rd pick in the draft. The comparisons may be a bit too harsh, but Chris Washburn’s professional basketball career was that bad. He managed to play in the NBA for ONLY two seasons, averaging 3.1 PPG and 2.4 RPG.

The worst part? Washburn received a lifetime NBA ban in June 1989 after failing three drug tests in three years.  In 2005, Sports Illustrated named him the second biggest NBA draft bust of all time. Washburn tried to revive his basketball career overseas (Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, Greece, Colombia) with little success. When ball wasn’t life anymore, he lived in abandoned buildings, crack houses and ate out of garbage containers (in his own words). Fortunately, he got his life back on track, but he will forever be known as one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history.

Players drafted after him:

Dennis Rodman, Arvydas Sabonis, Mark Price, Dell Curry, Jeff Hornacek, Scott Skiles and Kevin Duckworth.

Why he is a bigger bust than Kwame Brown: Two words -> Lifetime ban.



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