Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990’s

Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990's | Some of these brought back good memories...
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1. Glen Rice (26.8 PPG in 1996/97)

Glen Rice was known as G-money in the 90’s because well, he was MONEY! Glen doesn’t have the same accolades as David Robinson, but he’s probably 50x more underrated than The Admiral. Glen averaged 20 points per game in six different seasons. He was automatic from distance.

His best years were in Charlotte while playing for the Hornets, where he won NBA All-Star MVP in 1997 coming off the bench! He was a winner too. He won an NCAA championship while at Michigan and won an NBA title while being a solid role player for the Lakers near the end of his career.


So there you have it.

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