Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990’s

Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990's | Some of these brought back good memories...
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10. Gary Payton (24.2 PPG in 1999/00)

The Glove is underrated???? As a scorer he sure is. Gary Payton played sidekick on offense to Shawn Kemp in Seattle for the most part but the Glove always held his own. Gary was defensive specialist, arguably the best defensive point guard ever.

But Gary also got buckets on the other end; he averaged over 20 ppg in a season eight different times in his career. Gary was a 9x All-Star and a 9x All-NBA team member.

Gary makes this list because when you think Gary Payton, the first thing that comes to mind is his defense, not his scoring ability.



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