Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990’s

Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990's | Some of these brought back good memories...
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 6. Tim Hardaway (23.4 PPG in 1991/92)

Mr. Killer Crossover himself was electric. Think Allen Iverson crossover but in the early 90’s. Tim was small when comparing to guys like Penny and Glove, but his lightning quick handles left defenders helpless. Tim scored over 20 ppg in five different seasons for two separate teams.

His best years came in Golden State where he, Chris Mullin, and Mitch Richmond formed probably the greatest scoring trio in NBA history. They called themselves Run TMC and Tim was the engine that made them go.

Most will remember Tim for his crossover move, but forget that he was consistently a 20 ppg scorer.



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