Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990’s

Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990's | Some of these brought back good memories...
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5. Grant Hill (25.8 PPG in 1999/00)

Before Grant Hill took a Penny Hardaway-like career path, he was on his way to being a “Baby Jordan”. That’s how highly people felt about Grant coming out of Duke. He could do it all. His average close to 20 ppg in his rookie season, winning Rookie of the Year and followed that up with five straight seasons of 20+ ppg.

His breakout season came in 1999/2000 where he came third in MVP voting behind Shaq and Iverson. Unfortunately, it went downhill went Grant Hill joined the Magic to form a duo with T-Mac. He just could never stay healthy. However, he managed to remain somewhat healthy later in his career while playing for a very good Suns team. He adapted his game and became a reliable role player on a contender.

Those who followed the NBA in the 1990’s will know just how good of a scorer Grant Hill was, and that’s why he makes our top 5.



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