Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990’s

Top 10 Most Underrated NBA Scorers of the 1990's | Some of these brought back good memories...
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3. Mitch Richmond (25.9 PPG in 1996/97)

Oh snap… another Run TMC member? These guys must have been really fun to watch. They were! Think Nash’s Suns teams, but in the 90’s. Mitch Richmond was probably the best scorer out of the three.

Richmond was a 6-time All-Star, 5-time All-NBA, Rookie of the Year and even won an NBA championship in 2002 while playing for the Kobe/Shaq Lakers in his final season.

Mitch was as underrated as it gets. Probably because his prime was spent playing for some very bad Wizards and Kings teams that never made the playoffs. He was extremely underrated. Period.



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