Top 10 Undrafted Players in NBA History

Top 10 Undrafted Players in NBA History
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8. Raja Bell (Undrafted in 1999)

Raja’s numbers won’t jump off the page like some of the others on this list, but he was damn good in his prime. Raja played 14 years in the NBA and started his journey after going undrafted in ’99 playing in the CBA. You’ll start to notice a common trend with these undrafted players… Grit, grind, defense, and LONG careers for many teams.

Raja Bell played for seven different teams during his career and he was the ultimate role player. An amazing three point shooter and one the best defenders in the NBA during the 2000 decade, Raja made the NBA all-defensive first team in 2007 and the all-defensive second team in 2008. Known for his time in Utah and his great playoff runs in Phoenix where he and Kobe used to GO AT IT! True story: Some of my best NBA playoff memories were the battles these two had. Raja was a great pro and definitely deserves the nod on our top 10 undrafted NBA players list.



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