Top 10 Undrafted Players in NBA History

Top 10 Undrafted Players in NBA History
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 7. David Wesley (Undrafted in 1992)

David Wesley will always be known for his time as a Charlotte Hornet. Wesley’s career was similar to Raja’s in the sense that shooting and defense were what got him to stay in the league for 15 years. That’s not easy to do! Just ask all the lottery picks of the last couple years who barely finish their rookie contracts!

He played at Baylor university after transferring from Junior College. He wasn’t highly recruited for the exact same reasons why he was overlooked on draft night. Too small to play the wing and questionable ball skills to play point guard. Some people forget that he was a solid role player on the Cavs who made it to the NBA Finals in 2007. But we’ll remember him most for his days in Charlotte killing it with Baron Davis in the mid 2000s.



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