Who Was Better: Shaquille O’Neal or Hakeem Olajuwon?

Who Was Better, Shaquille O'Neal or Hakeem Olajuwon? | This is such a close comparison...
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Shaq was better because…

He had better stats

If you compare the numbers, and most people love to compare numbers, Shaq clearly had the better career: he has more rings (4>2), and better seasonal statistics. Just compare Olajuwon’s best (statistical) season in 1989-90, with Shaq’s rookie year.

In this 1989-1990 season, Olajuwon averaged 24.3 PPG / 14.0 REB / 4.2 BLK / 50.6% FG
In Shaq’s rookie campaign 1992-1993, he averaged 23.4 PPG / 13.9 REB / 3.5 BLK / 56.2% FT
Rightfully becoming the first player since Jordan to be named an All-Star in his rookie season.

Curious what Shaq’s stats have looked like during his best season?

Just add about 6PPG to his rookie number as well as the 3.8 assists he had averaged as a Center – Shaq never got enough credit for being a greater passer out of the double team on the low blocks. While Hakeem’s passing ability has always been praised, Shaq’s was often disregarded. They both averaged 2.5 APG for their careers and both averaged at least 3.0 APG 4 times.



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